Data Management


The method of maximising the resource pool of a server with virtualisation is common in most organisations. For some whose infrastructure is reaching the seventh year of its lifecycle, they are faced with a dilemma – do they virtualise their servers and continue with an in-house infrastructure, do they locate that infrastructure in a secure data centre, or do they migrate to a multi-tenanted cloud solution?

This isn’t an easy decision to make on your own. With no brand loyalty, e-Plenish can advise on which option is best suited to your company, not our partners.

Systems lifecycle management

Traditionally, a company looks to refresh their IT infrastructure every five to seven years, with desktops and laptops replaced every three to five years. There are, however, times when systems need replacing in much shorter time frames, due to changes in a company’s circumstances.

Whatever the reason for the next refresh, our competitive pricing model and highly skilled resources guarantees we will deliver the same (or better) solution on time and under the cost of any like for like quote, and that’s a promise.

Systems resiliency

e-Plenish believes that the most effective method of systems resilience is prior planning. Therefore, we ensure every e-Plenish IT solution will be as resilient as budgets permit. Our approach to the application of enhanced resiliency, to any current infrastructure, is a detailed process ensuring systems continue to function whilst failed components are being sourced.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

In the event of a major disaster within your company, have you identified how long you can be without certain IT systems and in what order these systems need to be restored?

Every BCP consultant will tell you that ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’. Thankfully there are frameworks available to assist your company. However, it is encouraged that the consultant carrying out the assessment isn’t responsible for the implementation of their own recommendations.

e-Plenish professional services have taken recommendation documents from BCP consultants and successfully implemented them on time and to budget.